A cornerstone of the turf grass seed industry is the development of new and unique varieties.

Columbia Seeds® has access to superb genetics through universities and private breeders but the constantly evolving market environment has made the need to ensure a continued stream of high performance, environmentally sound varieties a priority. To ensure the availability of the newest germplasm to its customers Columbia Seeds® has formed a strategic partnership with Novel Ag Research Farm.
Novel Ag Research Farm is a leader in the research and development of some of the best-known, best performing commercial varieties available today. Located in St. Paul, Oregon the staff at Novel Ag are driven to develop varieties for the industry that not only offer excellent turf performance but are also sustainable.

Columbia Seeds® will continue to work with and expand research efforts with its university cooperators and private breeder network. The purpose of this cooperation is to continually identify new genetics and improved varieties ensuring the best products for our customers and growers.

The focus of our strategic research effort is:

  • seedling and plant diseases
  • salinity
  • drought and heat tolerance
  • persistence
  • germination
  • color
  • density
  • texture
  • seed yield